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Troop 139 Faqs

If you have further questions, please email our Scoutmaster.
What is the purpose of the Boy Scouts of America?
The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law. Specifically, Scouting's goals are to:
  • Offer young people responsible fun and adventure;
  • Instill in young people lifetime values and develop in them ethical character;
  • Train young people in citizenship, service, and leadership;
  • Serve America's communities and families with its quality, values-based program.
How old must I be to join Troop 139?
To become a Boy Scout you must be less than 18 years old AND MEET ONE of the following requirements:
  • Be at least 10 years old and have already completed the 5th grade, OR
  • Be at least 11 years old, OR
  • Be at least 10 years old and have already earned the Arrow of Light Award a Cub Scout.
We also have a Cub Scout Program, starting with Tiger Cubs in the 1st Grade (or at age 7) through Webelos in the 5th grade (through age 10).
Must I first be a Cub Scout to join Troop 139?
Prior Scouting experience is helpful, but all that is necessary is to meet the age requirements in the previous paragraph. New Scouts come to us even in high school, and it doesn't take long for any Scout who is interested in Scouting to advance rapidly in rank and have a good experience with Troop 139.
Can I join Troop 139 if I live outside of South Pasadena?
Although many Troop 139 Scouts live in South Pasadena, Scouts from Alhambra, Los Angeles, Monterey Park, Pasadena, Rosemead, San Gabriel, and San Marino have been part of the family here at Troop 139. Scouting is a world brotherhood89K  .PDF, and we had a Boy Scout from a Troop in Istanbul, Turkey join Troop 139 during his visit with family here during the summer of 2003.
Can I transfer from another Boy Scout Troop?
Yes, Scouts do transfer into Troop 139 for a variety of reasons, including: address changes, school or activity conflicts, or to participate in our strong activity and advancement programs.
How do I join Troop 139?
Just come to a Troop Meeting (see next question). During your visit, ask for a new member application package.
When and where does Troop 139 meet?
We meet in the old house at the top of the hill at 699 Monterey Road in South Pasadena (United Methodist Church). Stop by and visit at 7:30 pm on most any Monday night (7:00 pm for Cub Scouts)... we will be happy to see you.
How is Troop 139 involved with the Methodist Church?
The South Pasadena United Methodist Church (SPUMC) graciously makes their facilities available to Troop 139 as our Chartered Organization (sponsoring organization). Only a few Scouts in Troop 139 have ever been affiliated with the SPUMC. The Boy Scouts of America holds to a non-sectarian Declaration of Religious Principle as a condition of membership in Boy Scouts. Over the years, our membership rolls have included Scouts who are: Buddhist, Catholic, Jewish, and from various Protestant denominations, as well as Scouts with no formal religious ties. We do service projects for the SPUMC as a way of giving back for the free use of the facilities. The Troop typically participates in the annual Scout Sunday Observance.
How much does it cost?
Our annual membership dues are $250 ($100 of which is a deposit that is reverts for individual Scout use when parents/guardians meet their Troop volunteer requirements). First year membership dues are pro-rated depending on when you join. There are no membership dues for Eagle Scouts. Membership dues include:
  • Annual Boy Scouts of America Dues
  • Pro-rata portion of Troop insurance
  • All required and earned patches
  • Official Boy Scout Handbook (new members)
  • Boy Scout neckerchief and neckerchief slide (new members)
  • Boy Scout shoulder loops (new members)
Additional expenses would be the initial cost of a Boy Scout Uniform(approximately $80), personal camping supplies; and during each year, the cost of food for outings and additonal costs of high-end outings such as ski trips and summer camp.
What do parents need to do?
We expect the following of parents who have Scouts in Troop 139:
  • Attend the monthly Parent Meeting each first Monday of each month at 7:15 pm (except August).
  • Assist with transportation to outings.
  • Assist leaders with programs.
  • There are other optional adult leadership opportunities such as committee positions or serving as a merit badge counselor.
Parents who assist with the Troop program receive a refund of the annual parental participation deposit.
Can I become an Eagle Scout at Troop 139?
Although the Trail to Eagle Scout rank has many steps, it is possible to become an Eagle Scout here at Troop 139 even if you are older when you join. We have a strong advancement program, and since 1998, more than 60% of the Scouts that haved joined Troop 139 remained active and attained the rank of Eagle Scout before leaving Scouting at age 18 (only about 4% to 7% of all Boy Scouts reach Eagle rank nationwide).
Does Troop 139 have a Summer Camp program?
Troop 139 traditionally attends a weeklong summer camp at the Circle -X- Scout Camp located on the Forest Lawn Scout Reservation near Lake Arrowhead. Summer camp is typically scheduled during the first week of August each year in order to permit summer school attendance.
Does Troop 139 do anything else beside summer camp?
We are one of the most active Troops in Southern California, and we try to have an outdoor activity and a social activity such as bowling, a sporting event, broomball, or other activity nearly every month. We have floated on rafts and also canoed down the Colorado River, as well as whitewater rafting on the Kern River. We have gone deep sea fishing, skiing and snowboarding at Mammoth and Big Bear, cycled at the beach and in the L.A. Marathon, and backpacked locally and in the High Sierras. Kayaking in the Channel Islands, rock climbing (rappelling) at various locations, rifle shooting, sailing, and many other fun activities have been favorites. We regularly take camping trips to a variety of places, and we participate in Scout Skills competitions with other Troops in our district at Camporee events held each spring and fall. We even went to Beijing, China in 2005 as our first SuperTrip. There are plenty of fun outdoor activities for both younger and older Scouts.
How are your activities determined?
Like most Boy Scout Troops, we have patrols and each patrol has a Patrol Leader. Each month, all of the Patrol Leaders meet together with the Senior Patrol Leader and the Assistant Senior Patrol Leader at a Patrol Leaders Conference (PLC), also known as a "Green Bar" Meeting. Each patrol brings ideas to the PLC Meeting and activities are voted upon and planned there. Final approval of activities rests with the Troop Committee, which is composed of Adult Volunteers headed by the Troop Committee Chairperson.
Does Troop 139 have a program for older Scouts?
Troop 139 contains a broad mixture of Scouts between the ages of 11-17. At times when there are a larger number of older Scouts, we form Venture patrols that do their own High Adventure activities. However, our customary emphasis is for older Scouts to gain leadership experience helping younger Scouts to grow and advance in Scouting. We do run a varied program, so there are plenty of activities that appeal to older Scouts. Some of our former Scouts have also registered as adult leaders and remain with the Troop as Assistant Scoutmasters while attending college locally.
What Boy Scout Council does Troop 139 belong to?
Troop 139 is chartered in the North Star District of the Greater Los Angeles Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America.
Does Troop 139 participate in Order of the Arrow?
Order of the Arrow is the Boy Scout National Honor Society (Native American Theme), and Troop 139 nominates Scouts for membership in the Pawnee Chapter of the Swinnis Lodge #252.
Is Troop 139 active in the community?
Our Scouts perfom acts of community service in South Pasadena, neighboring communities, and for our sponsoring organization. Through our Eagle Scout Service Projects and other activities, our Scouts typically donate more than 1,000 hours of volunteer community service each year. Additionally, our Scouts make Christmas ornaments and sing Christmas Carols at the local convalescent hospital each year. Our Scouts have served as the color guard for AYSO Opening Day and South Pasadena City Council Meetings. Our Troop and Cub Scout Pack participate each year as a marching entry in the Annual South Pasadena 4th of July Festival of Balloons Parade where we have often led the parade as its color guard. It is also our somewhat unique custom to collect worn U.S. Flags for retirement.
Do you have experienced Adult Leaders?
We are fortunate to have two well-seasoned Adult Leaders. Both of our Scoutmasters are well-trained with many years of Scouting Experience working with both Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts.