Troop 139

U.S. Flag Retirement Service

Troop 139 wants your worn or faded U.S. Flag

The retirement of a U.S. Flag is preferably accomplished by burning in a dignified manner pursuant to The Unitied States Code, Title 4, Chapter 1 § 8(k).

Residents and businesses near South Pasadena are encouraged to contact us to request the pick-up of worn or faded U.S. Flags for proper retirement.

If you are located outside of our area, we invite you to ship your flag to us at our contact address. An alternate source for U.S. Flag retirement is often your local American Legion Post.

It is our custom for our Arrowmen (BSA national honor society members) to ceremoniously retire U.S. Flags during campfires at our bi-annual Camporees. Flag retirement is also undertaken by our Summer Camp Staff at the closing the campfire each week at our summer camp ( Forest Lawn Scout Reservation).

When members of our Boy Scout Council retire a U.S. Flag, two important purposes are served:

  1. There is an explanatory ceremony where each flag receives the respect that it is due for its service as the emblem of our nation, and all those in attendance silently salute each flag as it is retired.
    It is typically our custom to section at least one flag into its various elements so that each stripe, and finally the blue field and stars are retired in order. During the ceremony, either the poem My Name is Old Glory by Howard Schnauber or patriotic quotations are read.
  2. Our U.S. Flag ceremonies provide an opportunity for Scouts to develop an appreciation and respect for our nation's emblem, and for those who have served under a U.S. Flag in public service or in defense of freedom throughout the years.

Upon request, Scouts, or other representatives, will come to your home or place of business and receive your U.S. Flag for retirement. Your flag will be properly folded and carefully preserved while waiting for retirement at one of our campfires.