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Senior Patrol Leader Honor Roll

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January 28, 2008Kevin Shui
July 23, 2007Aaron Chiao
January 29, 2007Steven Yan
July 17, 2006Gilbert Lam
January 30, 2006John Starling
July 25, 2005Richie Webb
January 31, 2005Vincent Wu
July 17, 2004Jeffrey Chen
January 26, 2004Edgar Chu
July 21, 2003Ryan Browne
January 27, 2003Justin Mar
July 29, 2002Edwin Chu
January 28, 2002Justin Lee
July 16, 2001Howard Chen
January 22, 2001Dennis Lee
July 17, 2000Gregory Hwee
January 24, 2000Charlton Kao
Senior Patrol Leader records are not available
for prior and subsequent years