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Troop 139 Traditions

Troop Meetings  –  Opening

The Scout Oath and the Scout Law are recited in unison with Scout Sign raised.

Troop Meetings & Campouts  –  Closing

The Scout in charge of the meeting, or campfire, makes the Scout Sign, and when all Scouts have made the Scout Sign, the leader starts the closing by saying...

“ To the heavens, ”

In response, all Scouts reply in unison with the right hand in the form of the Scout Sign, which is rotated in a circular clockwise motion:

“ May the Great Master of All Scouts

be with us until we meet again.

Goodnight Scouts ”

Campouts  –  Scout Vespers Song

Sung softly in unison:

“ Softly falls the light of day as our campfire fades away.

      Silently each Scout should ask,

            Have I done my daily task?

            Have I kept my honor bright?

            Can I guiltless sleep tonight?

            Have I done, and have I dared

                  everything to be prepared? ”

Neckerchief & Neckerchief Slide

We use the yellow on blue BSA neckerchief. It is our tradition to wear the neckerchief under the shirt collar; however, Eagle Scouts may wear the offical Eagle Scout Neckerchief above the collar. The Troop provides an Official Boy Scout neckerchief slide to each new Scout; however, Scouts are encouraged to make their own neckerchief slide.

Merit Badge Sashes

Merit badges should be sewn in rows of three on the Boy Scout Merit Badge Sash. It is the custom of Troop 139 to place Eagle required merit badges (the ones with a silver border) in the center of each row. Although this practice is not specified in the current edition of the Boy Scout Handbook, it may be noted from the photo on page 188 of the Boy Scout Handbook, that this is the accepted practice.

Excess merit badges that will not fit on the front of the sash may be sewn on the back of the sash. Temporary patches (those that may be sewn on the right uniform pocket) may also be sewn on the back of the sash. Former rank badges are NOT to be sewn on any part of the merit badge sash.

The Merit Badge Sash should be worn only for formal or ceremonial purposes, such as:  Board of Review, Court of Honor, banquets, parades, photographs, and Scout Sunday.